LINUM works in synergy with organizations to realize significant outcomes, tackling the most difficult of challenges in Syria and some MENA countries. We combine pragmatic advice, optimal consultancy solutions and a wide scope of invaluable know-how and experience to implement positive change, achieve specified aims and create a better more sustainable future. 

LINUM is working with a network of highly experienced consultants in their fields, and with field workers reaching all areas in Syria.

Our pool of experts has provided many consultations in the MENA region, specifically in Iraq, KSA and Yemen, as well as Syria, specifically in the fields of program management, governance and dialogues facilitation.

Our pool of experts have extensive experience in governance and peacebuilding. We helped in establishing several Syrian NGOs and civil society initiatives. But our responsibilities went further than that: at various levels we were  engaged with civil society issues in Syria and beyond, we invest in local governance, health governance, networking, youth engagement, humanitarian support mechanisms, conflict resolution and mediation.

LINUM provides support and consultations with and for INGOs, NGOs and CBOs.

Our pool of experts are specialist consultants in Program Management in development (Program DPro) and Project Management in development (Project DPro) with more than 10 years’ experience with multiple INGOs and NGOs in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Turkey.
one of our experts holds the position of   PM4NGOs Syria Hub and representative, also supports Turkey and MENA Region

LINUM provides internship programs for undergraduate or graduate students who need to gain valuable work experience in development. We provide internship for a number of months for every student.