Our Services

LINUM is working with a network of highly experienced consultants in their fields, and with field workers reaching all areas in Syria and some MENA countries.

Portfolio, Program and Project Management

LINUM provides support to institutes through project implementation in the various parts of the project/program cycle, through capacity building of NGOs and CBOs project and program managers in PCM, Project DPro and Program DPro that is Results Based

Our Approach to Portfolio, Program and Project Management:

  • Maximizing the value of organization portfolio.

  • Seeking the right balance of projects.

  • Creating a strong link to organizational strategy.

  • Doing the right number of projects.

Governance Implementation/Design

The objective is to strengthen the interactions with stakeholders, the directive processes (mainly focused on board of directors), make better decisions from a model based on rules, controls, and new incentives. 

Our Approach to Governance Implementation/Design is:

  • Identifying and prioritizing good governance practices that clarify structures of interactions and checks and balances between stakeholders, management, and executive team. 
  • Working on the necessary instruments to formalize best good governance practices. Such as, constitution adjustments, new rules for Boards and Committees or writing of policies and procedures.
  • motivating negotiations, conversations and implementations regarding good governance practices providing knowledge, independence, and pragmatism with a business approach.

Dialogue Facilitation

We are involved in facilitating various workshops and meetings including national and regional consultations. We have conducted tens of facilitation of workshops.

Our Approach to Dialogue Facilitation:

  • is based on peace and conflict transformation, and state of the art facilitation hubs.
  • Growing the ability to create and foster safe and unconditional spaces.
  • Enhancing the non-violent Communication and Theme-Centered Interaction.

Vocational education and training (VET)​


Design training that engages learners, meets learning objectives, and improves performance. Our experts are highly experienced in instructional design, curriculum development, online learning, especially in vocational training. We work closely with our clients to ensure a relevant curriculum that facilitates a solid education and training experience.

Our Approach to curriculum development:

  • Learning needs analysis/assessment.
  • Curriculum analysis and design.
  • Course design and development.
  • Content development.

Strategic Planning​

As a strategic management consulting firm, we use proven strategic planning tools to help the client to articulate the right goals for the organization and develop strategies to achieve them while making sure they have the resources and capabilities to make it happen. We make the most of the strategic planning process by carefully considering the strategic planning goals and backing them up with quantifiable and realistic benchmarks to evaluate results.

Our Approach to Strategic Planning:

  • Determine the organizational position.
  • Prioritize organization objectives.
  • Develop a strategic plan.
  • Execute and manage the Strategic plan.
  • Review and revise the plan.

Capacity Development​

At LINUM for consulting and training, we understand and experience local problems and use local language and knowledge to mold optimum solutions for resolving complex issues.

Our Approach to Capacity Development:

  • Ensure local ownership and leadership.
  • Ensure multi-stakeholder consultations and decision making
  • Base capacity building efforts on self-needs assessments.
  • Integrate capacity development within wider sustainable development efforts.
  • Promote partnerships.
  • Adopt a learning-by-doing approach.
  • Combine programmatic and project-based approaches.
  • Promote locally-applicable approaches.